Blogging Resources

Blogging can be a lot of fun but getting started can sometimes seem daunting. As a professional web developer, I often get asked questions about how to set up a blog. So I’ve put together this list of resources for people who want to blogging but don’t know where to start. This list may change as I add learn – remember, technology is always moving forward and even web developers have to adapt to keep up!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. All of the products mentioned below I have worked with and/or use for my own websites because they are companies that I have found useful for my purposes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

1. Domain: What your site is named

Once you have an idea for a blog, step number one is to figure out a name. Once you’ve decided on the blog name you can purchase a domain name. 

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2. Hosting: Where your site will live

Once you’ve purchased a domain name, you have to purchase hosting which is where the files for your site will be stored and made accessible online. 


At Bluehost you can get a domain name free with hosting purchase! Easy WordPress install and affordable.


HostGator is where I purchased my domain names and hosting for my first websites.  Save 25% with coupon code FOODBLOG25OFF.


3. Blogging platform: How you will edit your blog

There are many different options for starting a blog these days including Squarespace, Blogger and tumblr. Most blogging platforms are free and open source.  I’ve chosen to use WordPress for this blog because it’s so easy to use.


4. Pick a theme, any theme: How your blog will look

There are many free and premium resources for themes, which will control the layout and style for your blog.

For this blog, I purchased the Manshet theme through ThemeForest and customized it for my needs. 



5. Content: The purpose of starting a blog

So you’ve got your blog up and running and found a great theme to make your blog look awesome. Now what? Start blogging! Some could even argue that this step could come before even finding a theme since actually blogging is the main purpose of start a blog. My tip for new bloggers is just to open up a new post draft and start writing whatever comes to mind. As you write, other ideas may come up as an offshoot of your current topic. Start new drafts for each new offshoot idea with a title and save them so that you can come back and finish those posts later. Whatever your process, the main key is to write!


6. Learn from the best

They climb to the top of a building and pull the ladder. I leave the ladder out so people can see you climbed the ladder. And people go, “Wow, God must have dropped them there from a helicopter.” From my point-of-view, there’s the ladder, I climbed up…your turn.
-Ian Mackaye
Blogging is nothing new and there are many people who have pioneered the industry. This is not to say that there is no room for new blogs and new voices. My point is that there are many people who are successful blogging and quite possibly we can learn something by studying their process. There are many bloggers who share their experiments, successes and failures with the world. So why not take notes? 
Some of my favorite blogger resources include:
Pinch of Yum – This husband and wife duo not only run two successful blogs, they also have an eBook to help other food bloggers with their food photography. If this wasn’t awesome enough, they also list their sources of income every single month so that others can see how to make money by blogging. Very cool!
ProBlogger - Ever since the days I was tasked with creating blogs for the record label I worked for, I have been subscribing to the wonderful words of Darren Rouse over at ProBlogger. 
Food Blogger Pro – Join this community to learn the specifics of starting and growing a food blog through an very well-done tutorial videos on a variety of topics including food photography, monetizing your blog etc.