Vegetarian at the BBQ

After moving into our new home last December my fiance and I have had quite a bucket list of home improvement tasks to get through. Landscaping the front and back yards, adding a second bathroom and opening up the kitchen to the living room have kept us busy for the past six months! When the weather started warming up and we had finally transformed the backyard into a space someone would actually want to spend time in, we decided it was time to get a gas grill.

A lot of people might think that only meat-eaters can enjoy food cooked on a grill. But this was an especially exciting decision for me because my lifelong love affair with grilled vegetables and corn on the cob. There will always be meat-free alternatives to hamburgers and hot dogs for the occasional craving. But for me, veggies are where it’s at.

It was easy to create delicious, nutrient dense plant-based foods that fit into our BBQ mindset. I filled my plate with caesar salad, broccoli pasta salad and hummus and veggies from the grill!

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