Deconstructed Supreme Pizza Salad

Deconstructed Supreme Pizza Salad Vegan
Right about now you might be going “wait…what?” I probably would if I hadn’t invented this recipe myself. Is it a pizza? Is it a salad? How does one deconstruct supreme pizza? What does deconstructed even mean? Let me explain..

Deconstructed in the culinary world means to take a dish and separate out the components from their original combination, then put them back together differently. I probably learned this during one of my countless hours consuming whatever Food Network threw at me. In fact, I learned a a lot of culinary practices, tricks and techniques from watching shows like Chopped and Master Chef. Unfortunately, I have a hard time watching shows like these anymore because I don’t want to see the use of animals as food :(

But I digress. The idea of deconstructing a meal has always been interesting to me. I’ve always thought of cooking as an art and since deconstructing something also requires putting it back together, it is quite literally a creative process. In this case, it was sort of creative from necessity.

All week I had been planning on making a pizza. I had the dough (which I lazily bought at Trader Joes but I’ve heard is pretty easy to make), I had my homemade marinara sauce and I had all of the toppings – black olives, bell peppers and onions. I was planning on making some of my brown rice mushroom sausage to add on top (a recent recipe that will be posted soon).

Vegan Garlic Breadsticks Olive Oil

But when it came time to make the pizza, I had not yet made the mushroom sausage, which takes a little bit of time to prepare due to the use of brown rice. I also hadn’t soaked any cashews to make the cashew cheese that I usually put on pizza. Since my husband and I were already hungry I decided to just make breadsticks with the pizza dough and a salad to complete the meal. Halfway through baking the breadsticks I had an amazing idea – deconstructed supreme pizza salad! 

fennel seed olive oil

Fennel Mushrooms

I started with a bed of lettuce, in this case I used spring mix. I diced up the bell peppers and onions and sautéed them in olive oil, adding the chopped black olives at the end. Then I sautéed the mushrooms with a bit of garlic and fennel to emulate the flavor of sausage without having to go through the entire process of making it. I topped the lettuce with the bell pepper and mushroom mixtures and added garlicky breadsticks to the side. I served the plate with a side of marina sauce to dip the breadsticks into. The only thing I would do differently next time is prepare the cashew cheese to also serve on the side with the marinara sauce.

I’m seriously so proud of this dish right now and my use of a fancy and trendy cooking technique. And it doesn’t hurt that it was super delicious and really easy.

Have you ever created a deconstructed dish? I’d love to hear about it!


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