Los Angeles Vegan Events: Golden Road Brewer’s Supper at Chloe’s

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If you are into beer and live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve heard of Golden Road and quite possibly may have visited their pub, which is located in Atwater Village. Each month, they host a Brewer’s Supper at Chloe’s, their semi-private space behind the pub which is not normally open to the public.

I was lucky enough to attend one of these supper recently, where I dined on a 4-course meal of seasonal vegan fare, each dish paired with a different Golden Road brew. Keeping with their tradition of providing many tasty vegan options, the dinner had two menus to choose from, vegan and non-vegan. These menus are created each month by the Executive Chef, Adam Levoe and Jesse, the brewmaster, who work together to create delicious eats that bring out the flavors of each different beer that Golden Road has to offer.

Brewer’s Supper Vegan Menu

Heirloom melon salad: California heirloom melons, cashew cheese, balsamic reduction, herbs. Beer: Heal the Bay IPA

Stuffed Pasilla Peppers: Filled with couscous, “mozzarella” cheese, roasted eggplant and zucchini and chipotle cream sauce. Beer: 329 Lager

Summer vegetable polenta: Warm polenta, summer squash, sweet peppers, heirloom cherry tomatoes and fine herb oil. Beer: Almond Milk Stout

Summer fruit: Marinated stone fruits with mango sorbet. Beer: Citrus Bend.

Each dish was skillfully prepared and full of flavor. I’m a fan of the vegan offerings at Golden Road pub(especially their jackfruit tacos!), but this meal, in addition to the atmosphere of Chloe’s, was a touch higher on a scale of elegance.

I was also thrilled to see the Almond Milk Stout on the menu. Having tried this beer which was brewed especially for the Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival, I’ve been happy to find it on tap at the pub the past few times I’ve been there.

Overall, I was thrilled to be a part of this special event, experiencing more of chef Adam Levoe’s creations and learning a bit more about beer pairings. The next Brewer’s Supper at Chloe’s is coming up on August 25. Click here for more details.

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