Saying Vegetarianism Is Not the “Best” Diet Because It’s “Hard” Is Like Watching a Crappy TV Show Because You Can’t Find the Remote

I’m usually a fan of Jillian Michaels – most of the time I agree with what she has to say (I’m referring to her podcasts – I don’t really watch the Biggest Loser so I can’t comment on that) But I have to say her recent post, MYTH: Vegetarian Diets Are Healthier Than Meat-Eating Diets kinda bugs me.

Her main argument is essentially whining that being a vegetarian/vegan is “hard.” It seriously made me laugh when I first saw it. Yes, it takes some time and energy to educate yourself about how to get the right balance of nutrients and how to adjust to preparing your own vegetarian meals at home(which is why I started this site) and learning to navigate menus when eating out. But nothing worth doing is easy! You would think that a fitness and health guru would appreciate that mindset.

Saying vegetarianism is not the “best” diet because it’s “hard” is like watching a crappy tv show because you can’t find the remote.

I agree that if you are going to eat meat, do so in moderation and make sure to get the highest quality meats. This means:

  • Finding meat from animals that have been fed a proper diet that excludes hormones and antibiotics
  • You also have to consider the conditions they are kept in which contributes to the health of the animal and in turn affects the nutritional values of the meat that ends up on your plate
  • And then there’s the environment. If you care about the affect that the factory farming industry(which is what most people are getting their “food” from – it’s not some mythical far off thing that happens only to other people) has on world we live in then you will want to consider where the meat is from and what the company who is selling it is doing to keep their carbon footprint low

To me, that is more difficult than just cutting it out all together. And the whole thing where I believe meat does us more harm than good. Her article claims that vegetarianism is “not always the healthiest option.” Well duh! Nothing is the healthiest option – it depends completely on the individual and what knowledge they seek out and how they put that knowledge to use. Just like omnivores have the choice of eating grass-fed, free-range, local organic chicken breasts or just take the easy way out and getting a 12-pack of mcnuggets.

So I guess my main beef(haha) with this article is that it just doesn’t give us a good enough reason not to eat vegetarian. I find it a little offensive that Jillian Michaels would use her platform to take a stance against this lifestyle without a decent argument.

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