Travelling Vegan: Los Angeles to Positano, Italy

I am now writing from a big comfy couch in the common area of our villa in Positano, Italy!It was quite a trek to get here but it was beyond worth it. We used the Lyft app to get to the airport and saved a lot of money compared to the cost of a taxi! The plane ride was long but painless enough. Ourflight attendant had heard that we were going on our wedding trip and gave us wine free of charge.


When meals were served, they brought out my “special” meal(I had requested vegan meals) which was curry with rice and a side salad. This was honestly the best airplane meal I’ve had to date which was a pleasant surprise.


After eating, I watched a movie and then tried to sleep for a little while. When I woke up, I looked out the window to see not but endless black and a million twinkling stars. The view was absolutely stunning and one that won’t soon forget. Soon after, the lights came on and breakfast was served. My “special” breakfast consisted of a apple sauce and a croissant, which I suspect there was nothing “special” about and opted out. I switched the apple sauce with my Fiance’s fresh fruit and was perfectly content with my vegan airplane breakfast.


After our flight into Rome with both sets of my fiancé’s parents, we met up with the rest of our crew: my dad, his girlfriend, my aunt and my cousin. Everyone piled into two rental cars and made our way along the four hour trek to the Amalfi coast, narrowly escaping a close encounter with an angry Neapolitan man thanks to my future step-father-in-law’s inability to control his hand gestures. Tip for anyone reading: DO NOT flip someone off on the freeway near Naples!


We arrived at our Villa in Positano on Saturday afternoon and managed to stay awake until about 10:30pm local time, despite having been awake for the better part of 30 hours. Our view from the balcony is stunning and will be the backdrop for the wedding on Thursday.


Everyone was worn out after our long trip, so following our tour of the villa and settling in, my dad made a run to the local market and picked up some fresh groceries to make some dinner. He got some butter lettuce, carrots, gorgeous tomatoes, olives, garbanzo beans, garlic, fresh bread and of course, wine! I promptly went to work prepping a snack plate and a giant salad. We ordered some pasta and pizza from the restaurant down the street and had an amazing italian feast on our first night in Positano.What a wonderful way to start an amazing trip to Italy: with family, friends and delicious food.

vegan groceries in italy  vegan snacks in italy

Vegan salad in italy



Leaving For Italy La Vegana di Positano: Vegan in Italy  

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