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vitamix coupon code free shipping 06-009899

Looking to buy a Vitamix? Use the following exclusive coupon code to receive the BEST price and FREE shipping on the Vitamix blender of your choice: 


As you have probably notice, I’m obsessed with my Vitamix, using it to create the best smoothies, soups, desserts, nut butters/milks and sauces. SoI’m thrilled to be able to offer the absolute MAXIMUM discount available (+ FREE shipping!) on the Vitamix among ANY coupon codes available today with my special discount code, 06-009899.

Ordering your very own Vitamix is super easy:

1. Order online directly through Vitamix. By clicking on this link, the maximum discount (and FREE shipping) will automatically be applied to the Vitamix of your choice. This is our gift to you!

2. Call Vitamix directly at 1-800-848-2649. Simply give the always-friendly sales associate your coupon code (06-009899), and you’ll be well taken care of!

Top 5 reasons for getting a Vitamix

1. There’s a reason you’ve heard of Vitamix. It’s because it is the most amazing and powerful blender on the market. Durable and efficient, Vitamix will last forever and pay for itself in a matter of months!

2. You’ll receive a FREE Recipe Guide with 300 recipes PLUS a DVD with your purchase. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

3. You get a FREE 30-day no-risk at-home trial  so you can be sure that you’re getting a great product.

4. On top of the trial, you will also get a 7-year warranty on the blender and all parts. Amazing!

5. If this wasn’t enough, you’re going to receive FREE shipping and the maximum discount possible through VegWeb’s exclusive coupon code, 06-009899. And that’s off ANY Vitamix blender you choose.

Order your Vitamix today. We know you’ll love it as much as we do! And here’s the coupon code one more time so you can be sure to get your FREE shipping and MAX discount! >> 06-009899


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