My Vegan Story: Annie Carson

My Vegan Story: Annie Carson

How long have you been vegan?
1 month

There are many reasons people could choose a vegan lifestyle including compassion for animals, health and the environment. What were your primary reasons for going vegan and why?
September 4, 2014 my life changed (over dramatic? Maybe a little). After a visit with my doctor, It became apparent that my eating habits were about to change majorly. I am on a the journey to save my life…. to be a healthier me and live happy. It never occurred to me how many horrible things I had been consuming and the effect it would have on my body.
I started hearing my body scream and kick but I would never listen. Now, with the push of my doctor, of course, I am not only listening to my body but responding.

What was your road to veganism like? Was there one thing in particular that changed your thinking or was there an evolution?
My road to veganism has been an emotional road. Being forced onto this lifestyle was scary but after a week, I soon learned it was a true gift from God. My mind, body, and soul are now one and this has truly changed my way of thinking.

Did you go vegan all at once or was there a series of changes that you made?
After my visit with my doctor, I gave myself two days to prepare and then I hit the ground running! I started by eating all natural… zero harmful ingredients, zero soy, zero non organic, etc. After a week, I cut out meat all together— I wasn’t craving it anymore… I didn’t like the way my stomach screamed after eating meat. The week after that, I became a vegan.

When you made the decision to go vegan, what kind of reactions did you encounter from your friends and family? Did you already know anyone who was vegan or have any kind of support?
I had a few different reactions but everyone was mostly positive. Because this new lifestyle was something I had to do for medical reasons, I did not have people pick on me for giving up meat… I received more eyes of pity; I cannot actually decide which is worse. I knew one friend who was vegan. Seriously, one person. Her name is Laura and she has been a wonderful support shoulder.

What has been the most difficult part of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle? What has been the most rewarding?
The most difficult part of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle has been learning to mix friends with food. Where I’m from, there’s really not a lot of places for vegans and clean eaters to dine. So, the simple answer, has been for me to stay home and eat something I can prepare myself. The most rewarding part about my lifestyle has been the way I feel. The doctors were right. My body was screaming for this lifestyle and I have finally started to listen.

What are some resources you would recommend to someone who would like to learn more about becoming vegan. Blogs, books, movies, podcasts, etc.
Youtube videos have been a huge help for me. I have learned to make some super yummy things that I never thought I would be able to have! If I could only tell my friends and fellow vegans about one Youtube channel, it would be, Fully Raw Kristina.

Intragram has also brought me inspiration. I love to follow Nom Yourself. She has a great blog as well.

I have decided to journal my journey with a blog and a Youtube Channel.

Thank so much to Annie for sharing her story with us! I love reading people’s stories of transformation, what encouraged them to want to become vegan and the process they took to get there. Everybody takes different paths and finds inspiration in different places. Sharing our individual stories can helps us recognize things we have in common and bring us closer together while also providing helpful tips and resources that can benefit each other. I wish her good luck with her journey and hope she checks back in later down the road to let us know how it’s going!

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