Pagan Feast Serves Up Jackfruit Tacos at Frogtown Art Walk

Frogtown Art Walk Los Angeles Vegan EventsElysian Valley Community Garden

Last weekend, I was pleased to participate in the Frogtown Art Walk in Northeast Los Angeles. My band, Anything, performed at the Elysian Valley Community Garden, a lovely space tucked away just southeast of where the 5 and 2 freeways intersect.

Elysian Valley Community Garden

We arrived to the location early in the evening to check out the space and hear some of the other musicians who were performing.

I was thrilled to see some vegan options on the menu at Pagan Feast, the food stand that was serving food to the attendees. I ordered two jackfruit tacos with avocado sauce and cauliflower ceviche(what a great idea!). Both options were very tasty and the people were very friendly, too! 

Frogtown Art Walk Elysian Valley Community Garden

Overall, the event was really fun and we were thrilled to be a part of the festivities, which celebrate local artists and musicians. It’s also very nice to see vegan options available at these sort of get togethers.

Who knows? Maybe someday there will be a “What Vegetarians Eat” booth set up. Till then, you’ll have to make my recipes yourself! 

Soyrizo and Chard Over Roasted Potatoes Vegan Oktoberfest Is Coming To Los Angeles!  

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