Philosophie Superfood Review and Giveaway

Philosophie Superfood Review and Giveaway

In July, I attended Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival, where I tried a bunch of yummy vegan food, attended workshops, experienced some new yoga styles and met some wonderful people. One such person, my AirBnb roomie, told me about her friend’s company, Philosophie, after discovering that I run a vegan food blog. I’m so glad she did because I’ve now discovered a new gem!

Sophie Jaffe PhilosophiePhilosophie Superfood was created by Sophie Jaffe, a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef. She’s also a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, and has been certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine! With all of these expertise, as well as a background in managing a raw foods store, Sophie decided to create her own company, Philosophie, to create personalized detox cleanses and other superfood products. Sophie was nice enough to send me samples of all three of her superfoods to review: Green Dream, Berry Bliss and Cacao Magic.

Philosophie Superfoods Green Dream

Green Dream

Sophie sites the lack of “green foods” in many people’s diet as the reason for creating her first superfood blend, Green Dream. This all-organic powder is made with spirulina (mood enhancer), maca (libido enhancer & mood balancer), mesquite (healthy blood), hemp powder (muscle building), chia seeds (joint & organ protector, balances blood sugar) and vanilla (relaxes blood vessels). This powder is made to be “detoxifying, energizing, strengthening and promote weight loss.”

Even though I make green smoothies every morning for breakfast, I’m not very familiar with spirulina, which I think might be a taste that takes a little getting used to. I’ve been learning more about different super foods and adding them in here and there. So I was very excited to try this powder, which includes spirulina and many other amazing ingredients. I was a little bit wary of this powder at first sight due to the green color and the slightly salty smell, but anyone who is used to spirulina would probably not bat an eye. Since I normally add greens such as spinach or kale to my fruit smoothies, I followed one of my favorite smoothie recipes and added the powder in. With those extra fruit flavors, the Green Dream blended in pretty well. 

Overall, due to its high levels of protein, vitamins and micronutrients, this Green Dream powder is definitely worth adding to my smoothies once in a while for an extra boost.

Berry Bliss

Philosophie Superfood Berry BlissBerry Bliss was created to be “beautifying, stress-fighting, and mood enhancing” and is made with acai (combats stress), goji (prevents heart disease), sprouted brown rice protein (recovery & rejuvenation), pomegranate (prevents blood clots), camu camu (immunity), mangosteen (antibiotic & anti-fungal), maca (libido enhancer & mood balancer).

I was very excited to try this power in a fruit smoothie when I saw that it had stress-fighting properties. And, as with all three of her powders, I was pleased to see a good size portion(10g!) of protein with each serving. I didn’t have any coconut water, which her recipe on the bag called for, so I just blended a tablespoon into my normal fruit smoothie, and was pleased with the outcome. The flavor was tart, which I liked – I never buy protein powders with added sugar or sweeteners because the fruit I add always provides enough sweetness. So that is a huge perk that this powder is free of both!

Overall, I think this a tasty way to add extra nutrients and protein to a fruit smoothie.

Cacao Magic

Philosophie Superfood Cacao MagicCacao Magic combines cacao powder (anti-depressant), cacao nibs (blood pressure balancer), reishi (anti-aging), mesquite (healthy blood), maca (libido enhancer & mood balancer), chia seeds (joint & organ protector, balances blood sugar), hemp protein (muscle building), vanilla (relaxes blood vessels). This blend promotes benefits such as “anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and immunity-building.”

This was, by far, my favorite of the three Philosophie Superfood blends I tried, which was surprising to me because I normally prefer fruity flavors to chocolatey ones. I simply shook some of this powder up with some soy milk and it was delicious! I really enjoyed the crunch of the cacao nibs. The recipe on the bag, which includes banana and dates, is delicious and more like a dessert than a superfood smoothie. 

Overall, this blend is very tasty and easy to drink on its own or in a delicious smoothie. A great source of extra protein and significant health-promoting nutrients!


Philosophie is generously sponsoring a giveaway of their superfood blends! One lucky reader will win an 8oz bag of the flavor of their choice. That’s 32 servings of any one of these amazing superfood blends. ($37 value!)

Philosophie Superfoods Green Dream Berry Bliss Cacao Magic

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